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All prices exclude VAT for the duration of the show or for a 15 days period maximum.

In order to be booked, all orders shall be done by a written order form by fax, email or on line on our web site : www.square-mobilier.com. The order will be valid after reception of full payment unless contractual agreement.
A fixed allowance of 40 euros excluding taxes will be chargeable to the debtor for any late payment (C.com : art. D. 441-5).

To qualify for VAT exemption, foreign exhibitors must provide their EC VAT number. Those outside the EC will also need to provide tax number or a tax VAT registration certificate. In the absence of these documents, SQUARE company will be obliged to apply French VAT.

The order must be received 20 working days at the latest before the date of the first day of the exhibition. It will be processed in the 3 working days after his reception.
Any order placed since the first day of assembling will be increased by 15% of the pre tax price.
In case of circumstances outside of control, Square expressly reserve the right to supply in lieu and in place of the equipment ordered, any similar equipment that can ensure identical use.

Any order refused at the delivery will be invoiced except if the cancelation has been transmitted 5 working days before the delivery.

The references of the stand should be clearly specified on the order form. The deliveries are done one day before the opening of the exhibition except special agreement with sales department.

Delivery costs are included in our rates only on the show where SQUARE company is represented (confer list of events on our website). Otherwise, Square reserved the right to charge cost of transportation and labour.

The insurance is obligatory. Refusal to subscribe engaged automatically the full responsibility of the customer in case of damage or loss of the furniture. It would be invoiced at the replacement value in case of theft or damages.

A deposit by cheque can be required with the order . This deposit will be returned after the return of the equipment in good conditions at the scheduled date and after full payment.

In case of problems, the cheque will be cashed.

The customer is responsible for the furniture as soon as it is delivered until the removal. He should use the rented furniture according to it’s usual destination and should not do anything that could damage it. The furniture must be use in a covered place, away from water seepage, with a reservation made for the equipment naturally designed to be used outdoors.

All claims on the state of the furniture should be forwarded to Square within 24 hours after the opening of the show to be taken into account. The furniture remains the exclusive property of SQUARE and may not be moved, transferred, or lent in any way. No modification , transformation , nailing, adhesive or painting on our furniture will be authorized.

The customer ensures to take out all objects/documentation etc belonging to the customer from the rented furniture. SQUARE is not responsible for the previously mentioned document being damaged or disappeared. SQUARE removes the furniture as soon as the exhibition is closed.

All claim will be submitted to the court (Tribunal de commerce de Lyon).

DATA COLLECTION Purpose of treatment and identity of the data treatment manager The service provider collects and processes the data and personal information of its client and representatives for the following purposes (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Purpose of Processing"): • Performing the operations related to the management of the business relation, • Performing the operations related to customer satisfaction • Managing requests related to rights for access, rectification and opposition, • Managing unpaid bills and litigation. The service provider is responsible for collecting and managing the data in accordance with applicable law and regulations. The data collected by the service provider is treated lawfully, fairly and transparently. The data collected is adequate, relevant and limited to what is strictly necessary with regard to the Purpose of Processing. Data collected and consent The customer and its representatives are referred as “the Customer” in this document. The Customer acknowledges being informed that he has the right to withdraw his consent at any time. He expressly and unequivocally agrees to provide the service provider with his name, surname, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number and credit card number, for the “Purposes of processing” as set out above. Information and access to personal data In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 and the Data Protection Act of January 6th 1978, the service provider who is responsible of data management, informs that: a)The Customer agrees that his personal data collected by the service provider can be forwarded to subcontractors with whom the service provider is in contractual relation; this will be done for the sole purpose of executing the contract, and provided that these third parties are subject to regulation ensuring an appropriate level of protection as defined in EU Regulation 2016/679 regarding personal data. This information is kept by him or any company mandated for this purpose, under the legal and regulatory conditions. The Customer will be informed prior to any transfer of his personal data outside the European Union. In such a case, the service provider undertakes to comply with the regulations in force and to take all necessary measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data thus transferred. b ) The service provider will keep the information and personal data for the maximum legal or regulatory duration applicable according to the “Purpose of Processing”. c) The Customer has a right of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, portability and opposition of collected data concerning the Customer. Thus, the Customer has a right of access and rectification regarding that collected data under the conditions provided by the EU Regulation 2016/679. The Customer can at any time obtain a copy of its personal information against request addressed to the company provider. The Customer may request a deletion or correction of this information in writing to the below mentioned address. He may at any time refuse any commercial solicitations, modify his contact details, oppose their communication by sending a notification by registered mail or email followed by an acknowledgment of receipt to the following address: info@square-mobilier.com d) The Customer has the right to complain to the national supervisory authority. e) The requirement of personal data as defined in §B determines the acceptance of these Terms of sales . The Customer is obliged to provide the aforementioned data.



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